Best Immigration Case Management Software Options

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Immigration cases are often complex in nature and in all the moving pieces required to pull them together. There are varying people, legal documents, bills, and more to track. It might seem impossible to keep everything together, but the modern lawyer has an advantage - immigration case management software.

An ideal immigration case management software can keep everything in one place and help you sort through various documents without leaving your computer. It makes everything accessible for a small fee.

Although each software essentially does the same thing, there are many to choose from on the market. If you’re curious to learn more about the best immigration case management software options, read on to find one that will work well for your case.


The first immigration case management software on our list is CosmoLex, one of the best single-solution platforms. It’s made to assist with every step of the process, from signing on a client to processing any payments that might come up during the case. It’s simple yet full of comprehensive details for complete satisfaction.

CosmoLex is the only one of its kind. Not only does it have practice management features, but it also possesses time and billing features, cutting third parties out of the picture entirely for a smooth immigration case management experience.

You can access CosmoLex as an annual plan of $89 for one user. If you pay month-to-month, it goes up to $99. They also offer a free trial to test the system first.


Clio is another excellent choice for immigration case management software. It allows professionals to manage their law firms from the comfort of their homes, offering an organized system for lawyers in one exciting place. Clio is an excellent tool for professionals to keep track of every aspect of an immigration case.

This system allows users to manage their bills, calendars, cases, contacts, and more in one system. There is unlimited document storage available and it permits you to access those details from anywhere you are in the country.

Clio starts at $39 for one person per month for the most basic package offered. It goes all the way up to $129 a person for one month for the most advanced version of the software.

Amicus Attorney

Amicus Attorney is a unique selection because it provides an intuitive system for your immigration case management needs. It can track and invoice billable time, provide simple access to your client's cases and information, and automate critical documents, all in one place.

With this product, it’s easy to work right from your desktop or in a private cloud. Amicus permits you to integrate various systems, including QuickBooks for easy payment tracking throughout the case.

You can access Amicus Attorney for $49 a person for the cloud-based system, which is the most basic form of the product. If you want the on-premise version of the product, it will cost $69 a month for one person.


MyCase is another popular choice for legal software options for immigration case management. It has all the tools legal professionals need to improve various aspects of keeping everything in one location. It allows for excellent organization, scalability of operations, and overall efficiency during the process.

This system makes it simple to organize all the details of your case in one location. You can keep contacts, documents, emails, calendars, invoices, tasks, and more for easy access at any point throughout your work.

You can access the most basic version of MyCase for $39 for one user per month. For the middle version, it costs $69 a month and the most advanced option is $89 a month.


LollyLaw might have a crazy-sounding name, but it’s one of the best immigration case management software options on the market. It offers easy-to-use and excellent tools to make the process easier for you, your team, and the client. It’s stocked with everything you need.

This product offers customizable immigration paperwork and workflows to simplify everything, offering forms set forth by the DOJ, DOS, FBI, and USCIS. It’s easy to fill them out through a live web platform, allowing everyone to collaborate and assist clients from a remote location.

You can access LollyLaw through a free trial for one person for one month. From that point on, they will work with you to set a price for the package you need for your immigration case management system.


AbacusLaw is another excellent choice for your case management needs. It has excellent tools packed inside one software, designed to grow your firm and lead it to success while you work with your immigration clients to provide the right solutions. It’s a trusted source in the legal world.

This system allows access to many beneficial items for your case. You will be able to capture case and client details, manage your immigration case, perform billing and time tracking, and more.

Prices for on-premise AbacusLaw start at $69 a month for a single person on the software. If you want to get the hosted version of this product, contact the company to determine what price point they will set for you.


Next on our list is Lawmatics, one of the top automation platforms and an excellent immigration case management software for law firms. It allows multiple benefits, improving client intake, marketing automation, CRM, billing, and more in an easy-to-access location.

There is nothing better than all-in-one software, especially in immigration case management situations. Lawmatics will allow firms to pull together their general operations, win over clients, and make overall excellent business moves.

Pieces for Lawmatics start at $99 a person. It’s one of the higher-priced immigration case management systems on the market.


Imagility is another excellent choice for immigration case management software. It’s a cloud-based immigration platform. It leads the way in innovation and is a particular help for law firms that need to keep things organized.

This platform does an excellent job of combining innovation with practical features for the immigration process. It’s very transparent and offers a format of unique collaboration between clients and professionals during every step of the process. It will save extensive time behind the scenes and provide valuable features for you and your team.

If you want to access pricing for Imagility, you should contact the team to set a price point for your team’s needs. Imagility is a leader in the immigration case management software world and will provide an excellent addition to your team.


Next up is INSZoom. This product is a very robust software, designed to cover all the bases in your immigration case management system. It will help you complete your job effortlessly, removing stress from your shoulders as you attempt to manage every aspect of the case.

INSZoom is one of the best choices for law professionals working in the world of immigration. It offers the chance to manage the entire case from one simple location. With over a decade on the market, it’s had plenty of time to perfect itself for law professionals.

The best part about INSZoom is that it is highly customizable. For the price of $360 a year per person, you will gain excellent features to make managing your immigration case much simpler.


Docketwise is the best when considering software offering all-in-one documentation systems. Here, you access a service made to help agencies with their immigration cases. It’s an end-to-end system, made for operation on the Windows platform. It’s a trusted option in the law firm and advocacy system.

You will access extensive assistance through Docketwise. It brings mail management, a client portal, legal case management, CRM, and more, all in one place. You don’t have to navigate in and out of different applications to access critical items throughout the case management process.

Docketwise is available to interested firms for a starting price of $49 per user, per month. It isn’t too expensive, but you may also use their free trial first to see if it’s the right choice for your immigration case management.


Next up is Complize, an immigration software system based on the cloud. It’s a compliance tool kit that operates in tandem with the Home Affairs system to ensure all needs are met in real-time through every step of the case process. It’s an effective tool for lawyers to have in their tool belt.

Complize offers a free demonstration and even a mobile application to make access even easier for those involved. It’s meant to simplify the process, taking away stress from the lawyer and the client during the process.

You can access Complize for a price upon request of the company. If you’re interested in this software, reach out to them to get a quote for the system you need for your immigration case management needs.


BlueDot is another excellent choice for those needing immigration case management software options. It’s an end-to-end solutions platform, made to help a variety of professionals to sort out their legal documents, clients, and more as they make their way through a case.

BlueDot is a law firm and advocacy system in one, simplifying your access across the board. It offers assistance for agencies, startups, and more, designed to work through a web app for easy access in any location.

You can get BlueDot for a price available on request, depending on your needs. They also offer a free trial to allow you to test the software before diving all in to see if it’s the right product to fit your immigration case management software needs.

Rocket Matter

Rocket Matter is an immigration case management software based in the cloud, designed for small and medium law firms. It’s one of the most trusted firms and is used by many professionals around the country. It was one of the first of its kind and has had plenty of time to perfect its system.

If you use Rocket Matter, you will access easy-to-use software that is powerful and effective in every way. It offers billing capabilities and a way to make every step of the process paperless, and better for everyone involved.

You can access the most basic form of Rocket Matter for $39 a person for one month. The middle level of the system is $59, while the highest price goes up to $89. It’s a relatively affordable system for lawyers looking for cheaper assistance in their cases from a high-profile system. It’s one of the best.


Smokeball is an excellent option for firms with a small presence in the legal world. Many immigration cases happen through these firms, so Smokeball is an excellent software choice. It’s based in the cloud and automatically records time spent in the system and on each issue. It has preloaded forms and other additions to make paperwork a snap.

One unique aspect of Smokeball is its ability to work through an app. All the tools and insights necessary to accurately pay employees are available right on your phone, making it easy to work through the immigration case process and pay your employees.

Smokeball is available for $29 for one user for a single month for the most basic version. The middle version is $99 per month, while the most advanced version of the system is $149 per month for a single user.


CARET Legal, once known as Zola Suite, is the final pick in our case management software options. It’s one of the leading options professionals use to handle their office and create a quality space for what matters during their immigration cases. It allows you to work with everything in one place.

Through CARET Legal, you can improve collaboration between your team, save time in areas that matter, improve overall accuracy in the case, collect revenue during the process, and more. It allows simple organization.

You can get the most basic form of CARET Legal for $79 a month for one person. For the most expensive and feature-packed version, it’s $139 a month for a single person.

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