What is UCC 2-315?

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The Uniform Commercial Code plays a valuable role in governing commercial transactions across the United States. Most states have adopted these regulations to some degree, even though they are not technically federal law. One section under Article 2 is UCC 2-315. What is mentioned in this section? What does it cover?

UCC 2-315 goes over Implied Warranty: Fitness for Particular Purpose. It covers the depth and knowledge required between buyer and seller in a contract, revealing the necessary trust and implied warranty between parties.

If you’re interested in learning more about UCC 2-315, you’re in the right place. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the Uniform Commercial Code, whether you’re a law student, a law-abiding citizen, or a merchant who could participate in these transactions.

What is UCC 2-315?

UCC 2-315 is a critical section of the Uniform Commercial Code, covering implied warranty as it applies to a particular purpose within a business transaction.

Here is what UCC 2-315 stats in the words of Cornell University:

Where the seller at the time of contracting has reason to know any particular purpose for which the goods are required and that the buyer is relying on the seller's skill or judgment to select or furnish suitable goods, there is, unless excluded or modified under the next section, an implied warranty that the goods shall be fit for such purpose.

UCC 2-135 makes everything clear for the participating buyer and seller.

As with every other portion of the Uniform Commercial Code, UCC 2-315 is there for a purpose. It works to ensure both participants are aware of what they are getting into with their actions.

What is An Example of the Warranty of Fitness?

Warranty of Fitness is a specific topic covered under the Uniform Commercial Code. It can be tricky to envision it without an example, so we’ve provided one to simplify understanding.

One example of a Warranty of Fitness would be if a farmer heads to a farmer supply store for his necessary products. He tells the salesperson he needs a plow to deal with various rocky soil located on his farm. The salesperson then takes them to a plow they see fit. There is an implied warranty that this product is ideal for use on rocky soil.

This section deals with verbal agreements and assumptions between the buyer and seller. There is an assumption that the offered goods are fit for the intent placed forward by the seller.

What Else is Covered in Article 2?

Overall, you will find that Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code deals with the transaction of goods. In the UCC, goods refer to anything that can be picked up and moved to another location. That might include electronics, engines, aircraft, crops, food products, and more.

Anything that has to do with the buyer and seller as it relates to the movement of goods will be found in Article 2 of the UCC. It pairs well with the other articles in the complex document.

Why Does Article 2 Matter?

Article 2 matters because it is a section that creates extensive binding contracts between the parties involved. It allows these contracts to appear in a sophisticated manner between parties in a way that usually would not be enforceable, but becomes so thanks to the precedents set forth by Article 2.

UCC Article 2 was also part of the original Uniform Commercial Code when it came to life in the 50s. It was a revision and modernization of the original Uniform Sales Act, the baby version of the Uniform Commercial Code we have today.

What Rule Does UCC 2-315 Follow and Precede?

UCC 2-315 is sandwiched between two other laws in this section of the Uniform Commercial Code. It’s helpful to understand them for a little context about this section.

Before UCC 2-315, there sits UCC 2-314. This area deals with implied warranty: merchantability. It reveals that a merchantability warranty is implied if the merchant sells these goods and knows them.

After UCC 2-315 is UCC 2-316. This area goes over the seller’s ability to disclaim or modify the implied warranty of merchantability under specific circumstances.

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