What are the Different Types of Attorneys and Law Firms?

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When it comes to the legal profession, many avenues can apply to various situations. This is because the profession in and of itself covers a wide range of topics and specialties.

Whether you are needing legal advice or are a law student choosing a path to study, you will find that there are many choices available to you. Finding the right one will depend entirely on what you need and what you are interested in.

Wondering what the different types of attorneys and law firms are? Keep reading to learn more.

What are the Different Types of Attorneys?

When you need legal advice, it is important to ensure that you are contacting the right attorney to fit your needs. Depending on the issue you are currently facing, you will need an attorney who specializes in the specific issue.

There are a wide variety of specializations available in the law industry ranging from the family lawyer to the criminal defense attorney. Whether you need an attorney or are deciding which area of the law to go into, you have a wide variety of choices.

It is important to note that the different types of attorneys out there are required to specialize in their chosen field while they are still in law school. This allows them to take specialized classes that will make them subject matter experts.

Want to know more about the different types of attorneys that are available? Keep reading to learn more.

Corporate Attorney

This type of attorney typically works with big businesses to ensure that they comply with federal, state, and local laws. No matter the type of transaction the business is a party to, a corporate attorney is there to make sure that it is done legally.

In most cases, a corporate attorney will work for a sole company, or they may work for a law firm that specializes in corporate law. Daily, they may perform various types of actions such as legal research, contract negotiations, dealing with mergers and acquisitions, and much more.

Criminal Defense Attorney

An attorney who specializes in criminal defense is charged with defending those who are accused of various crimes. A criminal defense attorney is tasked with ensuring that the rights and civil liberties of the accused are protected throughout the trial process.

A criminal defense attorney may work either in the public defender's office or in a law firm that specializes in criminal defense. Whatever the case, they often spend much of their time working with law enforcement agencies and appearing in court.

Family Attorney

An attorney who specializes in family law works within the realm of various issues related to families. These issues include prenuptial agreements, divorce, child custody, adoption, and much more.

An attorney for family law often works out of a law firm and is there to protect the interests of whoever their client is. Depending on the interest of the attorney, you may find that they even specialize in specific areas under the family law umbrella.

Constitutional Attorney

This type of attorney specializes in upholding and defending the U.S. Constitution and the rights under it. This means that they take on various cases that may violate a person's constitutional and civil rights.

Constitutional attorneys are often found defending clients against civil liberties violations, working with legislation, or even teaching at the university level. Depending on the specific situation, a constitutional attorney typically is charged with understanding the Constitution and the rights that are involved.

Real Estate Attorney

An attorney who specializes in real estate law often has a variety of clients that they work for regularly. These clients may include homeowners, real estate agents, or even those looking to purchase real estate.

While real estate attorney often works for a law firm that specializes in this type of law, they can also be found working with real estate agencies. These attorneys are often knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate and can help to navigate through the legal processes of purchasing and selling properties.

Bankruptcy Attorney

Attorneys who specialize in bankruptcy law, often defend either corporations or individuals and help them to navigate the legalities of filing for bankruptcy. This type of attorney typically spends the majority of their time helping clients to understand the process of restructuring their financial situation.

In many cases, this type of attorney may work for a law firm that specializes in both corporate and commercial bankruptcy or may be a part of a larger firm. Whatever the case, they typically also have paralegals, interns, and assistants to help with the caseload.

Tax Attorney

Someone who specializes in tax law often has a wide range of opportunities available to them including working for government agencies, in individual law firms, or for corporations. This type of attorney is required to know the tax laws and regulations well to help individuals and corporations navigate the ins and outs.

While this type of attorney can work for a larger firm, it can be found in boutique law firms and even work for various corporations. No matter the case, it is expected that a tax attorney has a working knowledge of tax laws and the regulations set forth by the IRS.

Personal Injury Attorney

A personal injury attorney works on behalf of those who have been personally injured in a variety of settings. Most often these settings can include car accidents, on-the-job accidents, medical procedures that went wrong, and much more.

A personal injury attorney is tasked with protecting their clients and proving that another party is responsible for the injuries sustained by their client is at fault. These types of attorneys, like others, often have paralegals, interns, assistants, and private investigators who work with them to ensure clients’ best interests are protected.

Entertainment Attorney

In many cases, an entertainment lawyer is tasked with representing celebrities such as actors, musicians, athletes, artists, and more. The types of tasks they may perform include anything from protecting intellectual property to negotiating various contracts for them.

While many entertainment attorneys work for a larger firm that takes on these types of celebrities, some work as solo practitioners as well. In many cases, an entertainment attorney may be retained by one celebrity with the sole purpose of protecting their best interests in all aspects of their lives.

Immigration Attorney

Someone who specializes in immigration law typically does so to help immigrants navigate the legalities of becoming U.S. citizens. Some businesses may also hire immigration attorneys if they choose to have a program that hires immigrants regularly.

Many immigration attorneys work solely for a law firm that specializes in this type of law and often have several clients at any given time. Other immigration attorneys work for governmental agencies to ensure that the best interests of the United States are protected and laws are adhered to correctly.

What are the Different Law Firms?

Since many different areas of law can be specialized in, it makes sense that there would also be a wide range of law firms. This is because depending on the type of law an individual specializes in, they may be looking for different opportunities.

Curious about the different types of law firms that are available and what they specialize in? Read on to learn more.

Solo Law Firms

A solo practice law firm is typically one that only has one acting attorney who specializes in a specific area of law. While they may have other employees such as paralegals and assistants, they are typically the one who acts on behalf of clients.

Small Law Firms

A small law firm typically keeps the number of attorneys they have on staff under about thirty-five. While they often have paralegals, assistants, and interns on staff, the work itself is divided up between the various attorneys in the law firm.

Mid-Size Law Firms

This type of law firm often has more than thirty-five but less than one hundred attorneys on staff who specialize in a wide variety of areas of law. These law firms often have attorneys who work on teams to ensure that their clients are represented in the best way possible.

Large Law Firms

Larger law firms typically have more than one hundred attorneys who may or may not have a variety of specializations. For the most part, the advantage of a larger firm is that they often are considered “full-service” meaning they can offer a wide variety of law specializations to fit client needs.

Law Firms by Practice Area

Many law firms, especially those that are mid-size and less, often specialize in a specific area of the law. Because of this, if you are needing legal advice or services, you will need to ensure that the law firm has attorneys who are available to take on your type of case.

Overall, various law firms typically earn a reputation for various types of law, even if they claim to specialize in a particular area. This often depends on the type of clientele they tend to take on as a whole.

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