What is a Computer Forensics Expert Witness?

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If you have ever been a part of a court case, or have watched one, then you know that both sides often call upon expert witnesses to testify. Typically, these experts can attest to certain important facts from the case to sway the jury or judge to believe their side of the case.

In today’s technological world, it is important to have expert witnesses who can analyze various pieces of technical evidence and provide their viewpoints on the case. This is especially important if the case relies heavily on electronic evidence that can be upheld or disputed.

Wondering what the role of a computer forensics expert witness is in a court case? Keep reading to find out more.

What is Computer Forensics?

By definition, computer forensics refers to the investigation and analysis of any electronic evidence that has been recovered in a criminal case. As with the collection of other types of evidence, computer forensics follows a specific set of guidelines in the collection of this type of information.

From the first point of contact with said digital devices to how the information is retrieved can be under intense scrutiny during a court case. Because of this, forensics experts must follow procedures as they relate to finding, retrieving, and analyzing this type of evidence.

In most criminal cases, law enforcement attempts to collect every piece of evidence they think will come in handy to use against the perpetrator. This includes various digital assets such as computers where information can be hidden on the hard drive.

Computer forensics is the science behind not only finding these pieces of evidence but retrieving them and using them to make a case against the person on trial. From hidden files to other incriminating evidence, a forensics expert can attest to the procedure behind collecting this type of evidence.

What are the Various Types of Digital Evidence that Can be Used in a Court Case?

With all of the advances in technology today, many different types of digital evidence may exist during a court case. No longer are the days where only physical evidence of a crime is what is needed to get a conviction.

Because of this, you may be wondering what type of digital evidence exists for computer forensics experts to pull for evidence in a criminal case.

Here are the most common types of digital evidence that exist today:

  • Computers (both laptops and desktops)
  • Hard drives from the computers
  • Cell phones
  • Email
  • Storage from the Cloud
  • Social Media platforms
  • Network and local servers
  • Gaming consoles
  • Websites
  • surveillance cameras and tapes

While there will likely be more types of digital devices that can be used to collect electronic evidence in the future, these are the most common types today. Computer experts can typically do a deep dive into the various parts of these devices to find evidence that can be used against perpetrators.

What is the Role of a Computer Forensics Expert Witness?

In most court cases, the more evidence the prosecution has at their disposal the better their chance of getting a conviction is. This means that they will often pull out all the stops to get the evidence that is needed for their case.

It is also important to understand that the role of a computer forensics expert witness can also be used by the defense. This is often a tactic used to either discredit the prosecution witness or at least to throw in reasonable doubt in the case.

There are several key roles that a computer forensics expert witness plays during a court case that can help to make or break the overall case. These key roles can help ease the burden by taking on this part of the collection and analysis of electronic evidence.

Are you curious about the various roles played by a computer forensics expert witness in a criminal case? Read on to learn more.

Help to Hone in on Relevant Information

If you know anything about computers then you know that hard drives are known to hold a ton of information. Because of this, you will need an expert to analyze the information and hone in on only the evidence that is needed in your particular case.

Preserve the Data Collected

Computer forensics experts not only know how to decipher the information on electronic devices that can be used in a criminal case, but they also work to preserve this data. Since computer data can be sensitive, part of their role is to ensure that the information has been collected in such a way that nothing has been altered or tampered with.

Assist in the Case Direction

Many criminal cases hinge on one or more types of evidence that are used to make the case. A computer forensics expert can help the prosecution steer the case in the right direction by determining whether or not the evidence collected will help or hinder the investigation.

Recover Hidden or Deleted Data

One of the most important roles of the computer forensics expert is to find evidence that may have been either hidden or previously deleted by the perpetrator. Most experts can find this information and recover it so that it can be used throughout the case.

Provide Impartial Testimony

Since computer forensics experts typically have one job to focus on, which is the data retrieved from the various electronic devices in evidence, they often provide impartial testimony. These experts may not have a law enforcement background, but are experts in the field of technology and can therefore give testimony to the digital evidence they find.

Qualifications of a Computer Forensics Expert

To be considered an expert in computer forensics, an individual must have certain qualifications that support their role. These experts typically have gone to college for computer science and also have other certifications to support their expertise.

For example, most computer forensic experts have at least a bachelor's degree in computer science or another related field. In addition, they also typically have various certifications and work experience in computer forensics.

Here are some of the certifications a computer forensics expert should have to be considered qualified:

  • CCFE - Certified Computer Forensics Examiner
  • CHFI - Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator
  • DFCB Certification - Digital Forensic Certification Board

While there are likely other certifications that would qualify someone for the role of computer forensics expert witness in a criminal investigation, these are the most common. It is important t keep in mind that if a prosecutor is going to call an expert such as this to the stand, they should have the qualifications to back up anything they say.

Since any expert witness called by either side are under intense scrutiny by the opposite side, it is of the utmost importance that they are above reproach. This means that they should have specific qualifications and should also ensure that they have followed standard procedures.

In most criminal cases, an expert witness, such as one in computer forensics must show through their testimony that they are knowledgeable. This includes not only knowledge of the case in question, but also the field in which they work.

Additionally, you should look for a computer forensics expert to be detail-oriented and organized from the way, they collect their evidence through the analysis phase. This will go a long way to reducing any reasonable doubt that may come into play.

As with any expert witness that may be called throughout the process of a criminal case, you should expect the computer forensics expert to remain calm and show good judgment throughout the investigation and court case. This is because the other side of the case will look for any reason to discredit an expert witness.

Overall, when you call on a computer forensics expert witness to testify in court, you should expect that they show ethical practices throughout the case. This is easily done by those who are qualified and follow the specific guidelines that are outlined in their field.

What You Should Know About Computer Evidence that Can be Obtained for a Criminal Case

Even though technology has come a long way since its inception, there are still areas of gray that can come under scrutiny, especially in a court case. Because of this, every procedure must be followed throughout the investigation.

Additionally, there are certain misconceptions and specific procedures that should be followed when using digital evidence in your criminal case. These details should be considered by both parties when they are used and especially if an expert witness will be testifying.

Here are some things you should consider about computer evidence that can be used in a criminal case:

  • Before any evidence can be acquired through electronic devices, law enforcement must have obtained a search warrant that includes them.
  • Only those who are experts in the field of computer forensics should attempt to recover evidence from electronic devices
  • Even information that has been “deleted” can be recovered by computer forensics experts and used in a criminal case

Even though these are only a few tips that you should keep in mind, it is important to understand that as technology advances, so will the area of computer forensics. This means that no matter what you do if an electronic device has been used to communicate or store information, it can be used against you in a criminal case.

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