Ad Seriatim Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Ad Seriatim, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Ad Seriatim?

adj. latin phrase with literal meaning, “one after another” or in a series; eg. the judges delivered their opinions seriatim.

History and Meaning of Ad Seriatim

The term 'Ad seriatim' is a Latin phrase that is typically used in legal contexts. It means 'one after another' or 'in a series,' and usually refers to a method of delivering judgments in appellate courts.

When judgments are delivered ad seriatim, each judge who heard the case presents their own individual opinion or decision before the final verdict is reached. This process allows for a full discussion and exploration of each judge's reasoning and can help to ensure that all views are considered before a final decision is made.

Examples of Ad Seriatim

  1. In a recent federal appeals case, the three judges on the panel delivered their opinions ad seriatim, with each judge presenting their own reasoning before the final decision was reached.

  2. The Supreme Court often delivers its opinions ad seriatim, with each justice presenting their own views before the final decision is reached by the full court.

  3. Some state appellate courts also use the ad seriatim method for delivering opinions, particularly in complex cases where multiple judges may have differing views on the matter.

Legal Terms Similar to Ad Seriatim

  1. En Banc - refers to a hearing or decision made by all judges of a court, rather than just a panel.

  2. Stare decisis - the principle of following established legal precedent when making new decisions in similar cases.

  3. Precedent - a previous court decision that serves as a guide for deciding similar cases in the future.