Aid And Abet Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Aid And Abet, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Aid And Abet?

n. the person or the party in a cause against whom an appeal has been taken into consideration by a court. The appellee’s opponent on appeal is the appellant. Usually appellee is the one in whose favor the lower court has passed a judgment.

History and Meaning of Aid And Abet

"Aid and abet" is a legal term that refers to the criminal act of helping someone else commit a crime. The term has been used in English law since the 14th century and has since been adopted by numerous other legal systems around the world. To prove an aid and abet charge, prosecutors must show that the defendant intended to assist the perpetrator and that their actions had a direct effect on the commission of the crime.

The term "aid and abet" is often used in criminal trials to describe the actions of someone who was not the primary perpetrator of the crime but helped the offender in some way. This could include driving the getaway car, lending tools or weapons, providing information or resources, or even just giving moral support. In many jurisdictions, aiding and abetting is considered a form of complicity and carries the same legal penalties as the actual crime.

Examples of Aid And Abet

  1. John helped his friend break into a house by lending him his car and driving him to the scene of the crime. He was charged with aiding and abetting burglary.

  2. Sarah knew that her husband was selling drugs but didn't report him to the police or try to stop him. She was later charged with aiding and abetting drug trafficking.

  3. The CEO of a company instructed his employees to falsify financial records to cover up fraudulent activity. He was charged with aiding and abetting fraud.

  4. A group of protestors blockaded a street during a march. One of the protesters began throwing rocks at passing cars, and several others surrounded them to prevent police from intervening. They were all charged with aiding and abetting riot.

Legal Terms Similar to Aid And Abet

  • Complicity: a legal principle that holds someone responsible for a crime committed by another person if they aided, abetted, or encouraged the perpetrator in some way.
  • Conspiracy: the act of two or more people planning a crime together, often involving an agreement to commit the crime and overt acts towards that end.
  • Accessory: someone who helps a criminal after a crime has been committed, often by providing assistance to evade capture or punishment.