Appellant Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Appellant, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Appellant?

n. an association is the people who come together for some common specific purpose. Usually used for groups that are large in number, their capital more considerable, and their enterprizes greater, either on account of their risk or importance in the market. When authorized by the government these are called corporations else if not legally established they are known as unincorporated association.

History and Meaning of Appellant

An appellant refers to an individual or a party who initiates an appeal against a decision of a lower court or tribunal. The individual initiating the appeal seeks to overturn the decision of the lower court in the hope that the new judgment will be in favor of their claims. In simple terms, an appellant is a person who appalls or challenges a court's ruling, decision or judgment.

The appellant was introduced into legal language in English Common Law, where its origins can still be traced today. In due course, its application expanded to other legal systems worldwide, where the court system was and still is structured with multiple levels. An appellant approach is necessary in cases where the decision of a court is challenged, and a review of that judgment is required.

Examples of Appellant

Here are five examples of appellants in use:

  1. After losing their court case, the plaintiff filed as an appellant in a higher court, hoping for a reversal of the judgment.

  2. The appellant has limited time to appeal against the judgment of the lower court.

  3. In criminal cases, the party must file within a specific period as an appellant if they believe the court had provided an incorrect judgment.

  4. Once the court confirms the appellant's petitions and appeal, the object of the case shifts back to the lower court where it restarts and reconsideration and judgment is made.

  5. In certain cases, a party can resort to an appellant approach if they think the decision by a lower court favors the other parties.

Legal Terms Similar to Appellant

  1. Appellate Court: A court that reviews the decisions of lower courts or tribunals, the primary intending to analyze legal issues of cases, with the power to reverse, amend, or confirm the legal verdicts of those courts.

  2. Appellate Jurisdiction: The legal authority that enables a court or tribunal to hear appeals against decisions made by lower courts, tribunals or administrative bodies.

  3. Appellate Procedure: A structured legal procedure that outlines the steps and requirements parties must meet when appealing the verdicts or decisions of lower courts, tribunals or administrative bodies.