Attached Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Attached, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Attached?

(adj) Attached is the situation by which an article , property, right, obligations etc is linked to another article , property, right obligations etc which cannot be separated without losing the existence and identity of each other or any of them. Eg. Attached Bathroom.2. Property attached by a court order

History and Meaning of Attached

The term "attached" is often used in legal and real estate contexts to describe a situation where one object is linked to another object in a way that cannot be separated without losing the existence and identity of both objects. The term can refer to physical objects, such as an attached bathroom or an attached garage, as well as legal or financial obligations, such as a property attached by court order or an attached lien.

Examples of Attached

  1. An attached garage is a garage that is physically connected to a house or building, typically sharing at least one wall with the structure.

  2. In real estate, "attached housing" refers to a style of living where homes are physically connected in a row or block, such as townhouses or row houses.

  3. A property owner may have a lien attached to their property as a result of unpaid debts or taxes. This means that the lien holder has a legal claim against the property and may be able to seize it if the debts are not resolved.

  4. When a court places an attachment on a defendant's property, it means that the property is seized as security for the satisfaction of a judgment that may be rendered in the plaintiff's favor.

Legal Terms Similar to Attached

  1. Encumbrance: A legal claim against property that may affect the owner's ability to transfer or sell the property.

  2. Easement: A right to use or cross someone else's property for a specific purpose, such as accessing a public roadway.

  3. Covenant: A legal agreement between parties to do or not do something related to a property, such as a promise not to build a fence over a certain height.