Bar Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Bar, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Bar?

(n) Bar is the gathering, collection or association of attorneys or lawyers practicing law at a particular jurisdiction. Bar is used to represent the area where practicing attorneys or lawyers can be found.

History and Meaning of Bar

The term "Bar" has a long and complex history in the legal profession. It originated in England, where it referred to the wooden barrier that separated judges and court officials from the rest of the courtroom. Over time, it came to represent the group of lawyers who were allowed to practice in a particular jurisdiction, and who were admitted to the Bar by passing certain qualifying exams.

Today, the Bar is still used to refer to the collective body of lawyers who are licensed to practice in a particular jurisdiction. It serves as an important professional organization and regulatory body, setting standards for legal education and professional conduct.

Examples of Bar

  1. John has just passed the Bar exam and is now a licensed attorney in the state of California.

  2. The Colorado Bar Association is hosting a networking event for local lawyers next week.

  3. The defendant's lawyer was censured by the Bar for failing to disclose evidence to the prosecution.

Legal Terms Similar to Bar

  1. Law Society - Similar to the Bar, this is a professional organization for lawyers that sets standards for legal education and professional conduct.

  2. Bench - The term "Bench" refers to the judges who preside over a courtroom, as well as the physical seating area where they sit.

  3. Inns of Court - This is an association in England of lawyers and judges aimed at promoting excellence in legal advocacy, and providing with social and professional support on their way to the Bar.