Business Invitee Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Business Invitee, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Business Invitee?

(n) Business Invitees are the person entering in to a business premises with a purpose or intention to do any business or transaction with that business house whether or not such transaction is effected. Eg. A person entering in to a store mistakenly for a wrong address is not a business invitee where as a customer entering a hotel is a business invitee whether or not he take any food from there

History and Meaning of Business Invitee

The term "business invitee" is a legal term that refers to an individual who enters a business with the intention of conducting some sort of business transaction or interaction. This individual does not necessarily have to engage in business with the establishment, but simply have the intention of doing so. The concept of a business invitee has been developed by common law and refers to the legal duties that business owners have towards their patrons.

In simple terms, a business invitee is someone who has been invited into a business, either explicitly or implicitly, for commercial purposes. In legal terms, business invitees are provided with the highest level of protection by business owners in the form of a duty of care. This duty of care requires business owners to maintain a safe environment for business invitees and take necessary precautions to minimize the risk of injury to them.

Examples of Business Invitee

  1. A customer entering a supermarket to buy groceries is a business invitee.
  2. A vendor entering into a store to sell products is also a business invitee.
  3. A client visiting a law office for a consultation is a business invitee.
  4. A person attending a business conference at a hotel is a business invitee.

Legal Terms Similar to Business Invitee

  1. Invitee: A person who has been invited onto the property of another, usually for mutual benefit.
  2. Licensee: A person who is allowed to enter the premises of another with permission but without any business transaction.
  3. Trespasser: A person who enters onto the property of another without permission.