Comment Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Comment, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Comment?

A statement of fact made by a judge or a lawyer during a trial that is made as a remark or an explanation but is not proved as yet so should not be considered to be a proven evidence.

History and Meaning of Comment

The term "comment" in the legal context refers to a statement made by a judge or lawyer during a trial that explains a legal issue or expresses an opinion. Typically, such a statement is made while the trial is ongoing, and it is usually not considered to be evidence in the case. The purpose of a comment is to offer clarity and context to the parties involved and to help establish the legal issues in the case.

Comments can be made on a wide range of legal issues, including matters of fact, questions of law, and procedural issues. While comments are not considered to be evidence, they can influence the interpretation of the evidence that is presented in the case. In some cases, the comments made by a judge or lawyer can be used to lay the foundation for an appeal of the case.

Examples of Comment

  • A judge may make a comment during a trial regarding the credibility of a witness, particularly if the testimony is contradictory.

  • A lawyer may make a comment during a trial regarding the application of a legal principle to the facts of the case, in order to support their argument.

  • A judge may make a comment regarding the conduct of the trial, such as when it is appropriate for the parties to object to a line of questioning.

Legal Terms Similar to Comment

  • Objection: An objection is a formal statement of opposition by a party to a particular piece of evidence or line of questioning.

  • Ruling: A ruling is a decision made by a judge or court on a legal issue presented in a case.

  • Precedent: A precedent is a legal decision that establishes a principle or rule that must be followed by lower courts in similar cases.