Credible Witness Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Credible Witness, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Credible Witness?

A witness who is capable of giving testimony at the same time which is worthy of belief.This can be based upon his sincerity,reputation, his presence at the time of incident, knowledge about the case for which he testifies and whatever is being said is said with resposibilty and honesty.The judge has to be convinced by his testimony.

History and Meaning of Credible Witness

A credible witness is a person who is considered trustworthy by the judge or jury and whose testimony can be relied upon. The history of the term goes back to the early English common law system where witness testimony played a crucial role in the administration of justice. The concept of a credible witness was developed to ensure that only reliable and believable evidence was presented in court to aid the decision-making process.

In determining whether a witness is credible or not, the judge or jury will typically consider factors such as the witness's character, reputation, and demeanor, as well as their relationship to the parties involved in the case. A credible witness will have no motive to lie or fabricate evidence, will have a clear recollection of the events they are testifying about, and will be able to provide specific and detailed information.

Examples of Credible Witness

  1. In a criminal trial, a witness who was present at the scene of a crime and can provide a detailed account of what happened is considered a credible witness.

  2. In a divorce case, a witness who can attest to the character of one of the parties involved, based on their personal knowledge and relationship with that person, may be considered a credible witness.

  3. In a civil lawsuit, a witness who can testify to the terms of a contract or agreement is considered a credible witness if they have firsthand knowledge of the agreement and can provide specific details.

Legal Terms Similar to Credible Witness

  1. Reliable Witness - This term is often used interchangeably with credible witness and refers to a witness whose testimony can be trusted and relied upon.

  2. Competent Witness - A competent witness is someone who is legally qualified to testify about a particular matter.

  3. Hostile Witness - A hostile witness is someone who is adverse to one of the parties in a case and is therefore subject to cross-examination by that party's attorney.