Cruelty To Animals Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Cruelty To Animals, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Cruelty To Animals?

It is an act which causes suffering, pain, harm, put an animal’s life in danger and even cause death of animals.It can be in the form of neglect to tame animals by not giving food and water on time, cruelty to train the animals by beating them mercilessly, killing animals for commercial purposes for their skin,fur,tusks,and even meat.

History and Meaning of Cruelty To Animals

Cruelty to animals refers to any act that causes pain, harm or suffering to an animal. The practice of animal cruelty has existed for centuries, often associated with harsh training methods, improper care, or exploitation of animals for commercial purposes. In recent times, the concept of animal welfare has gained prominence, and many countries have introduced laws and regulations to protect animals from cruelty.

Examples of Cruelty To Animals

  1. Keeping a pet in a small cage with little food and water.
  2. Using animals for entertainment such as bullfighting or cockfighting.
  3. Testing cosmetics or medical products on animals, often causing extreme pain.
  4. Leaving an animal in a car on a hot day, which can cause heatstroke and death.
  5. Hunting animals for trophy or sport.

Legal Terms Similar to Cruelty To Animals

  1. Animal neglect refers to a failure to provide the necessary care and attention required to keep an animal healthy and safe.
  2. Animal abuse is a more general term that covers any act of cruelty or violence towards an animal.
  3. Endangered species protection laws aim to protect animals from intentional or accidental harm and regulate activities like hunting and trade of animal parts.