Executed Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Executed, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Executed?

1\) adj. to have been completed. (Example: “it is an executed contract”) 2) v. to have completed or fully performed. (Example: “he executed all the promises made in the contract”) 3) v. completed and formally signed a document, such as a deed, contract or lease. 4) v. to have been put to death for a crime pursuant to a death sentence.

History and Meaning of Executed

The term "executed" has multiple meanings in the legal world. One of the most common definitions is that it refers to something that has been fully completed, such as an executed contract, which means that all parties have signed and fulfilled the terms. Another meaning is to have carried out an action in full, such as executing a will or executing a judgment. In the criminal law context, it means to have been put to death as a punishment.

Examples of Executed

  1. The parties executed the contract last week and are now bound by its terms.
  2. The executor of the estate executed the will according to the deceased's wishes.
  3. The court executed the judgment by ordering the defendant to pay damages.
  4. The convicted criminal was executed by lethal injection.
  5. The company executed a successful marketing campaign that boosted sales.

Legal Terms Similar to Executed

  1. Performance: Similar to the first meaning of "executed," performance refers to the completing of a contractual obligation.
  2. Enforceable: This term refers to something that can be legally enforced, and often applies to executed contracts or agreements.
  3. Capital punishment: An alternative to the term "executed" in the criminal law context, capital punishment refers specifically to the death penalty as a form of punishment.