Homeowners' Association Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Homeowners' Association, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Homeowners' Association?

(n) Homeowners Association is the association of persons formed by the residents of a housing locality to address their common problems and issues connected with their residence and living in that area. Such associations generally does crime watch, entertainment, sanitary activities etc were a collective action is required

History and Meaning of Homeowners' Association

A Homeowners' Association (HOA) is a private organization formed by property owners in a housing community to govern and maintain the common areas of their community. These organizations began to emerge in the 1960s as planned communities became more common in the United States. The objective of an HOA is to create a cohesive and attractive living environment for all residents through the enforcement of rules, regulations, and shared financial responsibility. HOAs can be either mandatory or voluntary and enforce covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs) that are meant to protect property values and maintain the quality of life in the community.

Examples of Homeowners' Association

  1. Residents of a gated housing community formed a HOA to maintain the community's shared amenities, such as the pool, clubhouse, and landscaping.
  2. A condo complex has a mandatory HOA that enforces rules regarding pet ownership, balcony decorations, and noise levels.
  3. Homeowners in a neighborhood without a mandatory HOA may decide to create a voluntary association to fund and maintain a community playground or park.
  4. An HOA in a beachfront community regulates the use of short-term rentals to maintain the peace and quiet of the neighborhood.
  5. A HOA in a suburban development enforces rules against storing boats or RVs in driveways, to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the community.

Legal Terms Similar to Homeowners' Association

  1. Condominium Association: Similar to an HOA, these organizations are responsible for maintaining and managing shared spaces in a condominium complex.
  2. Property Owners' Association: A group organized by property owners to govern and maintain shared property, such as roads, parks, and playgrounds.
  3. Cooperative Housing Association: A group formed by residents of a housing cooperative to govern and maintain the community's shared property and finances.