Impanel Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Impanel, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Impanel?

It refers to the act of the clerk of the court to take steps to process the selection of the Jury and installing the same for the particular trial.

History and Meaning of Impanel

The term "Impanel" is used in the context of the legal system, particularly referring to the jury selection process. The origin of the term is from the Old French word 'empaneller' which means "to register on a jury list". Impanel refers to the act of choosing and assembling a group of individuals who will serve as jurors in a particular trial. The clerk of the court typically carries out this process, taking steps to process the selection of the jury and installing the same for the trial.

Impaneling is an important process in the legal system as it ensures that a fair and impartial jury is assembled for each trial. The process also involves verifying that the selected jurors meet certain eligibility criteria and are not disqualified for any reason.

Examples of Impanel

  1. The judge ordered the impaneling of a new jury in the case due to concerns regarding the impartiality of the previously selected jurors.
  2. The clerk of the court impaneled the jury for the high-profile criminal trial.
  3. The opposing attorney filed an objection to the impaneling of a particular juror on the grounds of previous bias towards the defendant.
  4. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the court had to take extra precautions during the impaneling process to ensure the safety of the jurors.
  5. The impaneling process took longer than expected due to a large pool of potential jurors and extensive questioning during the voir dire process.

Legal Terms Similar to Impanel

  1. Voir Dire - the process of questioning potential jurors to determine their suitability for jury service.
  2. Jury Selection - the process of choosing and summoning a group of individuals for potential jury service.
  3. Jury Pool - a group of eligible individuals who may be called for jury service in a particular district or region.
  4. Jury Duty - the civic obligation to serve on a jury if called upon.
  5. Jurisdiction - refers to the geographical area or legal authority in which a court has the power to make legal decisions.