In Perpetuity Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of In Perpetuity, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is In Perpetuity?

something that will never end but will continue for an indefinite period of time.

History and Meaning of In Perpetuity

In perpetuity is a legal term that refers to something that will continue indefinitely, without an end date or a fixed, predetermined duration. The term has its roots in Latin, where "perpetuus" means "continuous" or "enduring." In legal contexts, "in perpetuity" can refer to a wide range of situations, such as property rights, easements, or trusts.

When a property is acquired or sold "in perpetuity," it means that the buyer will have the property indefinitely, without any time limit or expiration date, and that the property will be theirs to use, develop, or sell as they see fit. Similarly, when a right is granted to a person "in perpetuity," it means that the right will never expire and will continue to be valid as long as the person remains alive or until a specified event occurs.

Examples of In Perpetuity

  • A conservation easement that grants a non-profit organization the right to use a piece of land for environmental protection "in perpetuity."
  • An author who signs a contract that gives the publisher the exclusive rights to publish their book "in perpetuity."
  • A trust that is established to provide financial support to a charity "in perpetuity."
  • A grant of land from a government to a state that is designated for educational purposes "in perpetuity."
  • A royalty agreement that grants a musician a percentage of sales "in perpetuity."

Legal Terms Similar to In Perpetuity

  • Easement - a legal right to use someone else's property for a specific purpose
  • Endowment - a financial gift or donation that is invested to generate income for a specific purpose, such as education or research
  • Perpetual license - a software licensing agreement that allows the licensee to use the software indefinitely
  • Fee simple - an absolute and unencumbered ownership interest in a piece of property