Incompetent Evidence Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Incompetent Evidence, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Incompetent Evidence?

Any evidence in form of documents or witness which is not admissible by the court because of its nature or because of its irrelevancy to the issue in the lawsuit and which has been strongly objected or opposed by the opposition thereby the court considers it incompetent.

History and Meaning of Incompetent Evidence

Incompetent evidence, in the field of law, is any evidence presented in the form of documents or a witness that is deemed inadmissible by the court due to its nature or irrelevancy to the case. Usually, the opposition party will raise an objection to such evidence, and the court deems it incompetent.

Incompetent evidence is not considered evidence by the court, regardless of its nature, and cannot be used to influence or sway the outcome of a case. This type of evidence is usually excluded because it lacks value in proving or disproving the claims made by either party in the case.

Examples of Incompetent Evidence

  • Hearsay: Statements made by an individual who is not present during the trial and cannot be cross-examined are often considered incompetent.
  • Character Evidence: The evidence regarding a person's character traits or past behavior that is irrelevant to the case is often considered incompetent.
  • Expert Opinion: The opinion of an expert witness that is not based on reliable data or scientific methods is considered incompetent evidence.

Legal Terms Similar to Incompetent Evidence

  • Admissible Evidence: Evidence which is allowed to be presented in court is considered admissible evidence.
  • Relevant Evidence: Evidence that has a direct link to the issues in the case is considered relevant evidence.
  • Competent Witness: Witnesses who have the ability to recall, explain, and understand the events they are testifying about are considered competent witnesses.