Indigent Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Indigent, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Indigent?

One who is poor and cannot afford basic neccessities of life like food, shelter and clothes. It also refers to a defendant who cannot afford a lawyer/attorney to fight the case. In such cases, the court authorities provides a government attornies to try the case.

History and Meaning of Indigent

The term "Indigent" comes from the Latin word "indigena," which means native or natural. In the legal context, it refers to a person who is considered poor or having no means of financial support. The term is often used in criminal justice systems to refer to individuals who cannot afford the cost of legal services.

Examples of Indigent

  1. The Indigent person was unable to get proper medical treatment due to a lack of funds.
  2. The court appointed a lawyer for the Indigent defendant who was unable to afford one.
  3. The government has implemented programs to provide financial assistance to Indigent families.
  4. The Indigent population was severely affected during the economic recession.
  5. The charity organization provides food and shelter to Indigent individuals.

Legal Terms Similar to Indigent

  1. Impoverished - refers to people who are extremely poor and lack the basic necessities of life.
  2. Disadvantaged - refers to people who are in an unfavorable position or suffer from some disadvantage.
  3. Insolvent - refers to people or organizations that are unable to pay their debts.
  4. Penurious - refers to people who are extremely poor and have very little money.
  5. Deprived - refers to people who lack the basic necessities of life or have been deprived of something that is considered a right.