Infra Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Infra, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Infra?

It is a Latin word meaning ” below, beneath or underneath”. It is used to indicate in a writing or a document that the details of the particular matter will appear in brief at a later portion of the document or as under. It differs from the term “Supra” which means the matter has already been briefed earlier or above.

History and Meaning of Infra

Infra is a Latin term that means "below", "beneath", or "underneath." In legal writing, it is commonly used to indicate that further details on a particular topic will be presented later or underneath, as it essentially serves as an introduction to upcoming information. It is important to note that infra is used when referring to information that has not yet been introduced or discussed in the document.

Examples of Infra

  1. "The defendant's personal information is stated infra in Exhibit B."
  2. "As discussed infra the state of California holds certain rights to water usage in the area."
  3. "The conditions of the contract are specified infra in section 2.3."
  4. "Infra we will discuss the legal precedent for this case."
  5. "The evidence presented infra shows that the defendant was not present at the time of the crime."

Legal Terms Similar to Infra

  1. Supra: This Latin term refers to information that has already been introduced or discussed in a document. It is the opposite of infra.
  2. Ibid.: This abbreviation is used in legal writing to reference the exact same source cited previously.
  3. Ante: This Latin term is commonly used in legal writing to refer to information that came before a particular event or topic.