Interlineation Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Interlineation, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Interlineation?

It refers to the writing or sentences added in between the lines of a documents or instrument such as contract. Such writings are added in between the lines due to some aspects that were omitted earlier or had been thought about later. Since such addition of sentences or words added in between the lines change the instrument/contract alltogther it needs to be agreed upon by other party by putting the initials and getting the document retyped fresh with the incorpoaration. Once done, such sentence or lines are known to be interlineation.

History and Meaning of Interlineation

Interlineation refers to the addition of writing or sentences added in between the lines of a document or instrument such as a contract. These additions are made when some aspects are omitted earlier or thought about later. If the added sentences or words change the instrument/contract altogether, they need to be agreed upon by the other party by putting initials and getting the document retyped fresh with the incorporation. Once done, such sentences or lines are known as interlineation.

The origin of the term comes from the Latin word "interlinea," which means "between the lines." Interlineation is a common practice in legal document drafting, where changes might need to be made after the document has been prepared. It allows for flexibility in the drafting process, but also requires careful attention to detail to ensure that all parties are in agreement on the changes made.

Examples of Interlineation

  1. A contract is drafted between two parties, and during the review process, one party notices an omission that needs to be addressed. They make a note of it and add it in between the lines, creating an interlineation.

  2. In a will, the testator realizes they have left out an important detail regarding an asset they wish to leave to their beneficiary. They make an interlineation to the document to address the oversight.

  3. During negotiations for a commercial lease, the landlord and tenant agree to make changes to the terms of the lease. The changes are made in the form of an interlineation to the original document, which is then initialed by both parties.

Legal Terms Similar to Interlineation

  1. Amendment - a document that alters or modifies the terms of an existing agreement.

  2. Addendum - a document added to a contract that provides additional terms, but does not change the original terms.

  3. Codicil - a document that makes changes to a will, similar to interlineation but specifically related to changes in a will.