Jury Of One's Peers Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Jury Of One's Peers, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Jury Of One's Peers?

It refers to the right of the criminal defendant to have the jury comprised of broad category of people from any race and from different regions and origins to any gender. It means the court always seeks jury of mixed nature whereby there is no scope for bias decision and can have different heads to think in the jury.

History and Meaning of Jury Of One's Peers

Jury of One's Peers, also known as the right to trial by jury, was established in England during the reign of Henry II. It refers to the practice of having a group of impartial individuals from the same community as the defendant who would listen to the evidence and determine the verdict. The concept of the jury system sought to protect an individual from arbitrary punishment by giving them the right to be judged by their peers - individuals who can relate to the defendant's background and social status.

In the United States, the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution guarantees citizens the right to a trial by jury in both criminal and civil cases where the amount of controversy exceeds $20. The jury is selected from a pool of eligible citizens and must be free from bias and impartial during the trial.

Examples of Jury Of One's Peers

  1. John, a Hispanic man from a working-class background, was accused of a drug-related crime. During the jury selection process, the defense and prosecution team agreed upon twelve impartial individuals from John's community, who would constitute his jury of his peers.

  2. In a civil lawsuit concerning a car accident case, the plaintiff exercised their right to a trial by jury. The jurors, selected from the community, would listen to the evidence presented by both parties and determine the compensation the plaintiff deserved.

  3. In a high-profile criminal case involving a prominent businessman, jury selection was a lengthy process as the court wanted to ensure that the chosen jurors were free from bias, and the defendant would receive a fair trial by his peers.

Legal Terms Similar to Jury Of One's Peers

  1. Impartial Jury - A jury that is free from bias, prejudice, or partiality.
  2. Jury Pool - A group of potential jurors from which the final jury is selected.
  3. Voir Dire - A legal term used to describe the process of questioning prospective jurors to determine if they are fit to serve on the jury.