Landlady Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Landlady, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Landlady?

(n) Landlady is the women who owns the title of a real property, the possession of which is rented or leased out to another person for a specified period.

History and Meaning of Landlady

The term "landlady" is an old English term used to describe a woman who owns and leases out property. The word "land" comes from the old English word "lond," meaning "ground" or "earth," while "lady" was formerly used to describe a woman of high social standing. The term "landlady" comes from the early practice of women owning and managing property, particularly in the Middle Ages. In the past, owning and leasing property were often the only ways that women could earn a living outside of marriage.

Examples of Landlady

  1. Mrs. Smith is the landlady of the apartment building on Maple Street.
  2. The landlady was responsible for fixing any problems that arose with the rental property.
  3. The landlady provides clear instructions about how to dispose of garbage and recyclables.
  4. Our landlady lives on the first floor of the building and is always available if we need something fixed.
  5. The landlady collects rent from her tenants on the first of each month.

Legal Terms Similar to Landlady

  • Landlord: A person who owns and leases a property.
  • Property owner: An individual or entity that owns real estate.
  • Lessor: A person who leases or rents out a property to another party.
  • Land tenure: The way that land is owned or held.
  • Property management: The business of managing real estate on behalf of an owner or investor.