Mouthpiece Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Mouthpiece, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Mouthpiece?

A person who speaks on behalf of another. Thus its generally used as slang for a defense lawyer.

History and Meaning of Mouthpiece

The term "mouthpiece" has its roots in the music world, where it was used to describe a device that is inserted into a musical instrument to modify its sound or make it louder. Over time, the term began to be used in a figurative sense to describe a person who speaks on behalf of another, particularly in legal contexts.

In the legal world, a "mouthpiece" is often used to refer to a defense lawyer, who is responsible for representing a defendant in court and advocating for their interests. The term can also be used more broadly to refer to anyone who speaks on behalf of another person, such as a spokesperson for a corporation or a political figure.

Examples of Mouthpiece

  1. "The defendant's mouthpiece argued that the evidence presented by the prosecution was circumstantial and did not prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt."

  2. "The company's mouthpiece released a statement denying any wrongdoing and promising to cooperate fully with the investigation."

  3. "The mayor's mouthpiece appeared on several news programs to defend the administration's policies."

Legal Terms Similar to Mouthpiece

  1. Advocate - someone who speaks on behalf of another person or cause in a more general sense.

  2. Attorney - a legal professional who is licensed to practice law and provide legal advice.

  3. Counsel - another term for a lawyer or attorney, particularly in the context of providing legal advice or representation.

  4. Representative - someone who is authorized to act on behalf of another person or organization in a broader sense, such as a political representative.