Obscene Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Obscene, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Obscene?

Acts or things that are not of acceptable standards of decency or describe sexual activities in an offensive way without any lawful ,scientific ,artistic or literary importance.These acts because of its repulsive nature are not given freedom of speech or expression by law.

History and Meaning of Obscene

The term "obscene" refers to something that is offensive, repulsive or indecent, particularly when it comes to sexual content. Obscenity laws developed over time due to the social, cultural and moral concerns of various communities. It has been widely debated throughout history what constitutes obscenity, and its definition varies between different countries and legal systems.

In certain contexts, the term "obscene" can also refer to extreme violence, graphic language or derogatory comments. In these instances, it is often used as a means of expressing outrage or to condemn unacceptable behavior.

Examples of Obscene

  1. The book was confiscated by customs officials for containing obscene material.
  2. The artist's painting was deemed obscene and taken down from the exhibition.
  3. The comedian's jokes were considered obscene and prompted several complaints to the network.
  4. The company was sued by an employee for creating a hostile work environment that included obscene language and gestures.
  5. The film received an "obscene" rating, which meant that it could only be screened for adults.

Legal Terms Similar to Obscene

  1. Indecent: similar to obscene, it refers to behavior, language or material that violates societal norms or standards.
  2. Pornography: refers to material that is specifically created to sexually arouse or gratify, often involving explicit images or videos.
  3. Lewd: this term refers to sexual content that is crass, vulgar, suggestive or offensive.
  4. Vulgar: refers to language or behavior that is crude, unrefined or lacking in taste.
  5. Profane: similar to vulgar, it refers to speech or actions that are disrespectful or offensive, particularly related to religion or sacred subjects.