Parish Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Parish, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Parish?

It refers to the geographical area which is possesed or served by the church as an administrative division. Previously it was measured by the proximity of travel by the people living in the area. In louisiana, the parish is refered equivalent to the government of country as people form a group headed by certain priest or clergyman with no territory limits.

History and Meaning of Parish

The term Parish has its roots in the Christian Church, specifically in the Catholic Church. A Parish refers to a local community of Christians who form a congregational family within a diocese or a larger administrative church region. In medieval times, the Parish was centered around the church and its grounds, serving as a hub of activity for the community. Over time, the Parish began to encompass the larger geographic area surrounding the church. As a result, it became an administrative division of a particular state or country.

Examples of Parish

  1. The Parish of St. Andrew is located in Jamaica and is one of the fourteen parishes in the country.
  2. The Cathedral Parish School is affiliated with the Cathedral Parish of St. Patrick, located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
  3. In England, the Parish Council is a form of local government that serves and represents the residents of the Parish.
  4. In the United States, the city of New Orleans is divided into seventy-two distinct Parishes, each with its own government and leadership.
  5. The Parish of St. Mary's Church in Pennsylvania hosts an annual Christmas bazaar to raise funds for their community outreach programs.

Legal Terms Similar to Parish

  1. Diocese - A territorial division of the Christian Church, typically encompassing several Parishes and overseen by a Bishop.
  2. County - A geographic and political division that is larger than a Parish, typically encompassing several cities and towns.
  3. Borough - A type of municipality that governs one specific town or community within a larger geographic region.
  4. Town - A political division smaller than a city but larger than a Village, typically encompassing several neighborhoods or communities.
  5. Township - A geographic region or political division that is larger than a Parish but smaller than a County.