Peace Bond Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Peace Bond, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Peace Bond?

It is a court order where it requires a person to deposit a sum of money as bond that would guarantee that he/she would not bother or threaten the other person and will not commit a breach of peace. If the same person is found to bother or violate such agreement, the bond will be forfeited and it can lead to arrest as well.

History and Meaning of Peace Bond

A Peace Bond is a legal judicial tool that originated in England, introduced as an alternative to legal proceedings for minor offenses. In Canada, Peace Bonds are issued under Section 810 of the Criminal Code. The purpose of a Peace Bond is to prevent a person from causing harm or to keep them from disturbing the peace, and to guarantee that the individual will comply with this agreement. If the person violates any terms of the bond, the bond is forfeited, and they can be arrested.

Examples of Peace Bond

  1. In a domestic violence situation, a victim can request a Peace Bond against their abuser to prevent them from contacting or approaching them.
  2. A neighbor who frequently disturbs the peace by making excessive noise can be ordered to sign a Peace Bond to stop their behavior.
  3. A person accused of stalking another individual may be required to sign a Peace Bond that prohibits them from contacting the victim.
  4. A protester who has been arrested for disturbing the peace may be issued a Peace Bond to prevent them from being involved in further public disturbances.

Legal Terms Similar to Peace Bond

  1. Restraining Order: Issued by a court to protect someone from physical harm, harassment, or threats.
  2. Bond to Keep the Peace: A formal written commitment by an individual to keep the peace and obey the law.
  3. Protection Order: A legal order that requires an abuser to stop harming and threatening a victim.