Practicable Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Practicable, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Practicable?

adj. Something that can be put into practice,is workable, feasible, possible to perform.

History and Meaning of Practicable

The term "practicable" originates from the Latin word "practicabilis," which means suitable for practical use. In legal terms, "practicable" refers to something that is feasible and capable of being performed.

A practicable solution must be one that can be implemented with the available resources, time, and manpower. For example, if a court order requires an individual to perform a task that is beyond their physical capabilities, the order is not practicable.

Examples of Practicable

  1. The court order to clear an area of land of all trees and vegetation is not practicable, as it would take months of work and would require specialized machinery that is not available.

  2. The measure proposed by the city council to convert all its street lighting to solar power is a practicable solution since it can be implemented with the available resources and time frame.

  3. The defendant's request to have all his legal proceedings translated into a foreign language is not practicable, as it would require significant additional time and resources and could delay the case significantly.

Legal Terms Similar to Practicable

  1. Feasible: Similar to practicable, something that is feasible is capable of being performed, realized, or accomplished.

  2. Achievable: Something that can be accomplished or attained within the given resources, limitations.

  3. Viable: Viable means capable of working successfully; feasible. Something that is viable is capable of being implemented successfully.