Pro Tanto Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Pro Tanto, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Pro Tanto?

A latin word meaning – only to the extent of, so far, for so much”. In legal term it refers to the partial payment done when a claim is made.

History and Definition of Pro Tanto

"Pro Tanto" is a Latin term used in the legal world, meaning "only to the extent of" or "for so much". It is often used to refer to partial payment made when a claim is brought forward. In simpler terms, it means that payment has been made towards a debt, but that the full amount owed has not yet been satisfied.

Examples of Pro Tanto

Here are a few examples of how "Pro Tanto" can be used in various legal contexts:

  • If a defendant in a lawsuit is found liable for damages, but is unable to pay the full amount owed, they may offer a "pro tanto" payment as a partial settlement.
  • In some cases, insurance policies may cover damages "pro tanto", which means that they will only cover a portion of the overall costs.
  • When settling an estate, the distribution of assets may be done "pro tanto", meaning that each beneficiary will receive a partial share based on their entitlement.
  • In criminal cases, a plea bargain may include a "pro tanto" offer, where the defendant agrees to plead guilty to some charges in exchange for others being dropped.

Legal Terms Similar to Pro Tanto

Here are a few related legal terms that are similar to "Pro Tanto":

  • Ad Hoc - This Latin term means "for this purpose", and is used to describe a committee or group that is formed for a specific task or objective.
  • In Futuro - This term is used to refer to actions or payments that will take place in the future.
  • Ex Gratia - This refers to payments that are made voluntarily, without any legal obligation to do so.
  • Inter Alia - This Latin term means "among other things", and is often used in legal documents to indicate that a list is not exhaustive.