Process Server Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Process Server, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Process Server?

It is the term given to a person who serves or delivers the legal court papers and documents to the defendant. Normally it’s the legal notice(process) sent to the defendant and carried by either sheriff, constable or a police officer.

History and Meaning of Process Server

A process server is a person responsible for delivering legal court papers and documents to the defendant in court cases. The job of the process server is vital to the legal system and ensures that court proceedings are conducted fairly and transparently.

Throughout history, process servers have been a critical function in the legal system, dating back to medieval times. In the early days, process servers would deliver writs, summonses, and other legal documents by hand. As technology has advanced, the process for delivering legal documents has changed, but the job of the process server remains the same.

Examples of Process Server

  1. A process server delivers a legal notice to a defendant in a divorce case.

  2. A process server serves a subpoena to a witness in a criminal case.

  3. A process server delivers a writ of summons to a corporation in a civil case.

  4. A process server serves eviction papers to a tenant who has failed to pay rent.

Legal Terms Similar to Process Server

  1. Sheriff - A law enforcement officer responsible for maintaining public safety and delivering legal paperwork.

  2. Bailiff - A court officer responsible for keeping order in the courtroom and serving court documents.

  3. Constable - A law enforcement position similar to a sheriff, responsible for serving legal documents and maintaining public safety.

  4. Summons - A legal document ordering a defendant to appear in court.

  5. Subpoena - A legal document requiring someone to appear in court or produce evidence for a case.