Public Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Public, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Public?

1\) It is pertaining to general body of the nation, country, district in form of its citizen or habitat but can be from other nation or district as well. 2) it also goes in for anything that is belonging to the public but manged by the governments, such as roads, lakes, gardens and also certain government managed agency, business houses or property.

History and Meaning of "Public"

The term "public" refers to anything that is related to or belongs to the general population. It has its roots in the Latin word "publicus," which means "of the people." Over the centuries, the meaning and usage of the term "public" has evolved and expanded.

In the legal sense, "public" can also refer to anything that is managed or owned by the government or a public institution. This can include public lands, roadways, public buildings, and public utilities. These assets are intended for use by the general public and are typically regulated by government agencies.

Examples of "Public"

  1. The public library is a great resource for people looking to borrow books without having to purchase them.
  2. The city council is holding a public hearing to gather feedback on the proposed zoning changes.
  3. The state park is a beautiful public space that is open year-round for visitors to enjoy.
  4. Public transportation, like buses and trains, provide affordable options for people to travel around the city or town.
  5. The public defender's office provides legal representation for those who cannot afford a private attorney.

Legal Terms Similar to "Public"

  1. Government-owned - referring to any entity or property owned or operated by the government.
  2. Municipal - referring to anything related to a city or town, including its government and services.
  3. State-owned - referring to anything owned or operated by the state government.
  4. Federally-owned - referring to anything owned or operated by the federal government.
  5. Non-profit - referring to an organization that operates with the goal of benefiting the public or a specific cause, rather than generating profits for individuals or shareholders.