Quasi In Rem Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Quasi In Rem, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Quasi In Rem?

(Adj) Quasi In Rem is the legal actions on disputes involving the rights, titles, possession etc of a property and the right or claim of the persons in such properties

History and Meaning of Quasi In Rem

Quasi In Rem refers to a type of legal action or lawsuit where a plaintiff seeks to enforce a claim against a particular property that is in the possession of another person. The term "quasi" means "as if" or "resembling," while "in rem" means "against the property." Therefore, Quasi In Rem actions are like lawsuits that are "as if" they are against a particular property.

The use of Quasi In Rem originated in English common law and was later adopted into American law. In the past, Quasi In Rem actions were used primarily in cases involving disputes over land ownership, but today they can also apply to personal property, such as a vehicle or a bank account.

Examples of Quasi In Rem

  1. A person sues a landlord for unpaid rent and seeks to place a lien on the rental property. This is an example of a Quasi In Rem action that is in rem to the rental property.

  2. A creditor sues a debtor and tries to collect on a debt by seeking to attach a lien to the debtor's car. This is another example of a Quasi In Rem action, as the lawsuit is against the property (the car) rather than against the debtor personally.

  3. A person sues a former business partner and seeks to obtain ownership of a jointly owned piece of property. This is a Quasi In Rem action that involves disputing ownership rights to the property.

Legal Terms Similar to Quasi In Rem

  • In Rem: This term refers to a type of legal action in which a lawsuit is filed directly against a piece of property or asset, rather than against a particular individual or entity.

  • In Personam: This term describes a type of legal action that is filed against a particular individual or entity, rather than against a specific property.

  • Attachment: This is a legal process in which a court seizes property, such as bank accounts or real estate, to satisfy a judgment or debt. It is similar to Quasi In Rem in that it involves an action against property rather than against a person.