Request For Permission Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Request For Permission, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Request For Permission?

“Courtroom procedure where one party requests that the opposition admits to certain facts’ validity. For purposes of the case at hand, the facts are then assumed to be true if the party admits their validity or does not respond in a timely fashion.

History and Meaning of Request For Permission

A Request for Permission is a legal term that refers to a court procedure where one party requests that the opposition admits to certain facts' validity. These facts are proven to be authentic and accurate through documents or evidence. Thus, for the court case, those admitted facts are considered true if the other party agrees or does not return a response within a reasonable period.

This court procedure is also known as a Request for Admission. A Request for Admission is a crucial tool for litigators as it reduces the time and resources involved in proving facts that both parties agree upon.

Examples of Request For Permission

  1. A plaintiff files a lawsuit against a defendant, claiming that the defendant's actions resulted in damages. In response, the defendant denies damage claims, and the plaintiff then requests more information, including records and documents. The plaintiff then sends a Request for Permission, which requests the defendant to acknowledge the authenticity of the documents, and they will be used as evidence in the court hearing.

  2. A plaintiff sues a defendant in a negligence case. The plaintiff sends a Request for Admission, claiming that the defendant violated a specific clause in their contract. The defendant admits to violating the clause, which reduces the overall duration of the trial process and proves the plaintiff's claim.

  3. In a divorce case, one party can request that the other party admit to various facts, such as the length of the marriage, marital assets, or child custody agreements.

Legal Terms Similar to Request For Permission

  1. Request for Production of Documents - When one party requests documents and records from another to support a litigation case.

  2. Interrogatories - Written questions sent by one party to the opposing party, who is required to respond correctly.

  3. Motion to Compel Discovery - A court motion that one party can file if the opposition party refuses to provide requested evidence, including documents, records or if they fail to answer interrogatories received.