Resident Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Resident, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Resident?

(n) Resident is the person who is residing at that place because of his residence, inheritance, employment, citizenship etc which makes him resident of that place

History and Meaning of Resident

The term "resident" is commonly used in legal contexts to refer to a person who is residing in a particular place due to various reasons. The concept of residency is deeply embedded in our legal system, with residency requirements established for a variety of purposes, such as voting, taxes, and legal jurisdiction. The definition of a resident can vary depending on the context in which it is used, but generally, it refers to someone who makes a particular place his or her home and has a physical presence there for a certain amount of time.

Examples of Resident

  1. Tom has been a resident of New York City for over ten years, working as a lawyer.
  2. Mary is a resident of California, but she spends most of her time traveling for work.
  3. The university requires all students to prove that they are residents of the state in order to receive in-state tuition.
  4. The city offers tax breaks to residents who have lived in the same house for over twenty years.
  5. John is a resident of the nursing home, where he receives daily care and medical attention.

Legal Terms Similar to Resident

  1. Domicile - The legal term for a person's permanent and primary residence.
  2. Citizen - A person who has legal rights and obligations in a particular country by birth or naturalization.
  3. Alien - A person who is not a citizen or national of the country in which they are living.
  4. Immigrant - A person who comes to a country with the intention of living there permanently.
  5. Migrant - A person who moves from one place to another, often seeking employment or a better life.