Result Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Result, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Result?

(n) Result is the consequences or outcome of an action, event, law suit, petition, appeal , request etc declared or otherwise becoming apparent on the conclusion of the action or events etc.

History and Meaning of Result

In legal terms, "result" refers to the outcome or consequences of a legal action, event, or request. It can be the judgment or order given by a court, the ruling on a petition or appeal, or the settlement of a case. The term is used to describe the decision or conclusion reached on the issue at hand.

Examples of Result

  1. In a criminal trial, the result may be a guilty or not guilty verdict.
  2. In a civil lawsuit, the result may be a judgment ordering one party to pay damages to the other.
  3. In a divorce case, the result may be a court order for the division of property and assets between the parties.
  4. In an immigration case, the result may be the granting or denial of a visa or citizenship application.
  5. In a contract dispute, the result may be a settlement agreement reached between the parties.

Legal Terms Similar to Result

  1. Judgment - a decision or ruling by a court that resolves the legal issues in a case.
  2. Verdict - the decision of a jury in a criminal trial.
  3. Order - a decision or ruling issued by a court that requires a party to take a specific action or refrain from doing so.
  4. Decision - a final determination of a legal issue by a court, tribunal, or administrative agency.
  5. Settlement - an agreement reached between parties in a legal dispute to resolve the matter without going to trial.