Seisin Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Seisin, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Seisin?

(n) Seisin is defined as the stage of possessing a property specifically a landed property along with exclusive title to the property,

History and Meaning of Seisin

Seisin is a term that originates from English feudal law and means having legal possession of a real property. It was an important concept in medieval England’s land law, as only a person who had seisin of a property could transfer it. Seisin later became an essential part of common law in the United States and other common law countries.

Seisin was not only the physical possession of a property but also the legal right to that property. It was not just about occupying the land, but also having the right to use and enjoy it. This right could be acquired through a purchase, inheritance or by receiving it as a gift. Seisin was also important as it conveyed a certain prestige and social status to the individual who possessed it.

Examples of Seisin

  1. John inherited seisin of his father's property after he passed away.
  2. In order to transfer seisin of the property to the buyer, the seller must first have the legal right to do so.
  3. Mary obtained seisin of the land after winning the lawsuit against the previous owner.
  4. The deed of the property stated that the grantee would receive seisin of the property upon payment of the purchase price.
  5. Due to the disputed claim over seisin of the land, the parties had to go to court to determine the rightful owner.

Legal Terms Similar to Seisin

  1. Title – the right to ownership of a property
  2. Possession – physical control or occupancy of a property
  3. Estate – the total property owned by someone or the interest of an owner in the property
  4. Conveyance – transfer of property ownership from one person to another
  5. Deed – a written document that identifies the property owner and describes the property’s metrics and location.