Solicitor General Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Solicitor General, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Solicitor General?

(n) Solicitor General is the Chief Trial attorney who is authorized and responsible to represent the Government before the supreme court. He assist the Attorney General

History and Meaning of Solicitor General

A Solicitor General is typically the second-highest-ranking official in a country's Justice Department, right after the Attorney General. Their primary responsibility is to represent the government before the Supreme Court, and they are one of the most important lawyers in the government. They provide advice to the Attorney General, other executive officials, and Congress on legal matters.

The role of Solicitor General dates back to medieval England, where the primary responsibility of Solicitors was to represent the Crown's interests. Solicitors were seen as the advisors to the King and were often called upon to assist the Attorney General with cases. The role of Solicitor General has since been adopted by many countries across the world.

Examples of Solicitor General

  1. The Solicitor General presented the government's argument to the Supreme Court in the case.
  2. The President appointed the new Solicitor General to fill the vacancy left by the previous one's retirement.
  3. The Solicitor General advised the Attorney General on the legality of the proposed policies.
  4. The Solicitor General wrote a brief to the Supreme Court arguing that the lower court's ruling should be overturned.

Legal Terms Similar to Solicitor General

  1. Attorney General - The highest ranking legal officer in a country or state, appointed to advise on legal matters and represent the state in legal proceedings.
  2. Prosecutor - A lawyer who brings criminal charges against a person or organization accused of breaking the law.
  3. Advocate - A professional legal expert who represents someone in a court of law, or gives advice on legal matters.