Status Conference Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Status Conference, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Status Conference?

(n) Status conference is the pre-trial meeting of the attorneys with the judge to inform the proceedings, depositions, settlements and other relevant matters about the case to make the court informed. Federal rules requires filing of status conference statement.

History and Meaning of Status Conference

Status conference is a pre-trial meeting between the attorneys and the judge to discuss the ongoing proceedings of a legal case. Its main purpose is to keep the court informed about the progress of the case and to address any relevant issues such as depositions, settlements, or discovery disputes. The judge may also use the status conference to set deadlines and schedules for future proceedings or to encourage the parties to settle the case.

The concept of status conferences originated in the common law legal systems, where the judge had the power to intervene and control the course of a trial. Today, status conferences are a standard practice in most federal and state courts in the United States. The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure require the parties to file a status conference statement before the conference, detailing the current status of the case and any potential issues to be discussed.

Examples of Status Conference

  1. In a personal injury case, the attorneys may meet with the judge for a status conference to discuss the status of discovery and the potential for settlement negotiations.
  2. A status conference may be held in a criminal case to discuss any pre-trial issues such as plea bargaining or motions to suppress evidence.
  3. In a divorce case, the attorneys and the judge may meet for a status conference to discuss the timeline for proceedings and the status of any custody or property issues.

Legal Terms Similar to Status Conference

  1. Case Management Conference: A meeting between the parties and the judge to discuss the overall management of the case, including scheduling and discovery.
  2. Pretrial Conference: A conference held shortly before trial to discuss the status of the case and any potential settlement or trial issues.
  3. Discovery Conference: A conference to address any disputes or issues related to the discovery process in a case.