Strike Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Strike, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Strike?

(v) A strike is defined as the willful abstaining from their allotted work by the workers of an organization as a protest measure to pressurize the management thereby bargaining their demands (n) strike is used to represent the order of a judge, head, or chairperson to remove certain observation, comments, questions, statements made by the members involved, which are not maintaining the dignity of such establishment and those are irrelevant to the subject under discussion

History and Meaning of Strike

The term "strike" originated in England during the Industrial Revolution and refers to a work stoppage by employees. This method of protest was first used by workers in the textile industry who were seeking better wages and working conditions. Over time, strikes have become an important tool for workers to negotiate with their employers.

In its simplest form, a strike is a collective decision by workers to withhold their labor as a means of forcing management to concede to their demands. Strikes can be legal or illegal, and the legality often depends on the terms of an employment contract or collective bargaining agreement.

Examples of Strike

  1. The unionized workers at a manufacturing plant went on strike to demand better wages and benefits.
  2. The airline pilots went on strike, causing thousands of flights to be cancelled and stranding passengers.
  3. Teachers went on strike across the city to demand better working conditions and more funding for schools.
  4. Nurses walked off the job after months of contract negotiations failed to produce a satisfactory agreement.

Legal Terms Similar to Strike

  1. Lockout - a management action to prevent employees from entering the workplace.
  2. Union - an organization that represents workers in negotiations with employers.
  3. Collective bargaining - the process of negotiation between employers and employees or their representatives.