Subscribe Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Subscribe, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Subscribe?

(v) subscribe is the action by which a person or legal entity accept certain commitments. For example When somebody subscribe to the stock issued, he is bound to accept them and pay for that. Similarly when person subscribe to a newspaper, magazine etc, he is bound to accept it and pay for it. When some person subscribe document by fixing signature he is bound to abide by the statement contained in the document

History and Meaning of Subscribe

The term "subscribe" has been used since the early 15th century and has had various meanings over time. Today, the term is mostly used to refer to the act of agreeing to pay for regular access or delivery of a service or product, such as a magazine or an online streaming service. It is also used in legal contexts, where agreeing to subscribe to something can create a binding agreement.

Examples of Subscribe

  1. A customer subscribes to a monthly meal delivery service, agreeing to receive a certain number of meals each week and paying a set fee each month.
  2. A reader subscribes to a newspaper, agreeing to receive daily or weekly issues delivered to their home or office and paying for a subscription fee.
  3. An investor subscribes to a new stock issuance, agreeing to purchase a certain number of shares and paying the specified price per share.
  4. A person subscribes to a website, agreeing to receive regular updates or access to special features and paying a recurring subscription fee.

Legal Terms Similar to Subscribe

  1. Contract: An agreement between two parties that creates legally enforceable obligations.
  2. Acceptance: The act of agreeing to the terms of a contract or proposed offer.
  3. Consideration: Something of value exchanged between parties in a contract, such as money or a promise to perform a certain action.