Take Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Take, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Take?

To gain, to achieve, to own, to capture. Getting something under ones control.It can be proerty, asset, territory, stolen goods etc.

History and Meaning of Take

The term "take" has been used for centuries to describe the act of gaining control, capturing, or possessing something. It is a verb that can be used in various contexts and can refer to tangible or intangible items. The word can also refer to actions such as taking someone's time, stealing or removing an object.

In legal settings, the term "take" is used to describe the action of taking possession of property through legal means, such as seizing it as evidence in a criminal case or taking it as collateral for a loan. The term may have different connotations depending on the context where it is being used, but it always refers to the act of taking control over something.

Examples of Take

  1. The police officer had to take the suspect into custody.
  2. The company had to take legal action against the competitor for stealing their ideas.
  3. The landlord threatened to take possession of the apartment if the rent was not paid.
  4. The bank will take your car if you fail to make your loan payments.
  5. The team was able to take control of the game after scoring the opening goal.

Legal Terms Similar to Take

  1. Seize: To take possession of property by legal means, such as by confiscating it as evidence or for non-payment of debts.
  2. Confiscate: To take possession of someone else's property, often as a penalty for illegal or improper actions.
  3. Impound: To take possession of and securely store property or animals, often by a government agency or the police.