Trade Name Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Trade Name, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Trade Name?

The official name of a business which it uses to identify itself is called a “trade name”.It also identifies the reputation of the business.This name is used on its bank accounts ,letter heads,stock certificates and invoices.

History and Meaning of Trade Name

A trade name is the name which a business entity uses to identify itself in the marketplace. It is the official name under which the company operates and is known to the public. The trade name is more than just a name, it's an important part of the business's branding and identity. It is used to convey the personality of the business to the customers and create brand recognition.

The use of trade names dates back to the 19th century when the industrial revolution brought rapid technological advancements and significant changes to the economic world. During this time, businesses were expanding in size and complexity, and it became important for businesses to differentiate themselves from competitors. This led to the use of trade names to create a distinct and recognizable identity.

Examples of Trade Name

  1. Coca-Cola - The popular soft drink company uses 'Coca-Cola' as its trade name to identify itself to consumers.

  2. McDonald's - The fast-food chain restaurant uses 'McDonald's' as its trade name to identify itself to customers.

  3. Amazon - The world's largest online retailer uses 'Amazon' as its trade name.

  4. Apple - The tech giant uses 'Apple' as its trade name for its range of electronic devices.

  5. Nike - The American sportswear giant uses 'Nike' as its trade name for its range of athletic shoes and apparel.

Legal Terms Similar to Trade Name

  1. Trademark: A symbol, name, word, or combination thereof used to distinguish and represent the source of the goods of one company from the goods of another.

  2. Service mark: Similar to a trademark, but used to distinguish the source of services instead of goods.

  3. Business name: The registered name of a business entity with the state or government that is used for legal purposes.