Venire Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Venire, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Venire?

(n) The law of the state require the eligible jurors to be listed. It permits the selection of the jury from this list. Such a list containing the names of the jurors are named as ‘Venire’

History and Meaning of Venire

The term "Venire" comes from Latin and it means "to come". In the legal context, it refers to a list of potential jurors who have been summoned to appear for jury duty. The venire is usually compiled by the court clerk from a pool of eligible citizens, based on voter registration lists or other government records. The venire is used to ensure that a fair and impartial jury is selected for a trial.

Examples of Venire

  1. During the trial, the judge instructed the bailiff to call the names of the individuals on the venire, so that the jurors could be selected.

  2. The venire consisted of 50 potential jurors, all of whom had been vetted to ensure they met the eligibility criteria.

  3. The attorneys for both sides can question the potential jurors during the voir dire process, in order to determine if they would be impartial and fair. This is done before they are selected from the venire.

Legal Terms Similar to Venire

  1. Voir dire: A process of questioning potential jurors to determine if they can serve impartially on a case.

  2. Jury pool: A group of individuals who are eligible to be called for jury duty, from which the venire is typically drawn.

  3. Jury selection: The process of selecting a panel of jurors to hear a case. This is done from the venire, after voir dire is completed.