Decision Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Decision, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Decision?

fact finding as done by the law enforcement individual/body

History and Meaning of Decision

The term "decision" is used in the legal system to refer to the act of fact-finding as done by a law enforcement individual or body. This process involves examining all of the relevant evidence and information in a case, and then determining the truth of the matter at hand.

In some cases, the decision-making process may involve a judge or jury who are responsible for weighing the evidence and coming to a conclusion about guilt or innocence. In other cases, the decision may be made by an administrative body or agency, such as a licensing board or regulatory agency.

Examples of Decision

  1. In a criminal trial, the decision about whether the defendant is guilty or innocent is made by a jury of the defendant's peers.
  2. A licensing board may make a decision about whether to grant or deny a professional license to an applicant based on their qualifications and background.
  3. An administrative agency may make a decision about the appropriate level of fines or penalties for a business that has violated regulations or laws.

Legal Terms Similar to Decision

  1. Judgement: the formal decision or verdict of a court, often issued in writing and outlining the legal reasoning behind the decision.
  2. Finding of fact: a determination made by a court or other decision-making body about the truth or falsehood of a particular claim or piece of evidence.
  3. Ruling: an official decision or determination made by a court or other decision-making body, often used in cases where a judge or panel has authority to issue orders or directions.