Deliberation Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Deliberation, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Deliberation?

n. The act of considering the facts, the laws, and/or other matters, for the purpose of reaching a conclusion.

History and Meaning of Deliberation

Deliberation is an important concept in the legal field that refers to the process of carefully considering all the facts, laws and other relevant information involved in a particular matter, with the aim of reaching a conclusion. Often, deliberation involves weighing the pros and cons of a particular decision, and considering various alternative solutions to a problem, before arriving at a final decision.

The term has its roots in the Latin word "deliberatio," which means "consideration" or "deliberation." Deliberation has been a key aspect of the legal process for centuries, and is considered an essential element of fairness, in terms of allowing all parties involved in a legal matter to have their case considered fully and impartially.

Examples of Deliberation

  1. During a trial, a jury might be instructed to engage in deliberation before reaching a verdict, carefully considering all the evidence presented before arriving at a decision.
  2. A corporate board might engage in a process of deliberation before making a decision on an important business matter, weighing up the various options and considering the potential risks and benefits of each option.
  3. When a judge is considering whether to grant a particular motion or request, they might engage in a process of deliberation, carefully weighing all the relevant facts and legal precedents before arriving at a decision.
  4. A group of lawmakers might engage in a process of deliberation before voting on a new piece of legislation, considering all the various factors involved, and taking into account the potential impact on various stakeholders.
  5. In a divorce proceeding or child custody matter, the parties involved might engage in a process of deliberation with the help of mediators or other neutral parties, in an attempt to reach an amicable agreement.

Legal Terms Similar to Deliberation

  • Adjudication: Refers to the final determination of a legal matter by a judge or other legal authority.
  • Decision: Refers to the final outcome or ruling in a legal matter, based on careful consideration of all the relevant facts and legal precedents.
  • Judgment: Refers to the official decision or ruling of a judge or court in a particular legal matter.
  • Verdict: Refers to the decision reached by a judge or jury in a trial or other legal proceeding.