Dispossess Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Dispossess, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Dispossess?

v. Either legally or by self-help, to eject someone from real property.

History and Meaning of Dispossess

The term "dispossess" has been used throughout history to describe the act of legally or physically ejecting someone from real property. This could happen for a variety of reasons, such as non-payment of rent, breach of lease terms or simply because the property owner wishes to reclaim the property. In the legal sense, "dispossess" refers to the act of obtaining a court order to evict someone from their property. In the context of self-help, it refers to the act of the property owner personally removing the tenant's belongings and changing the locks.

Examples of Dispossess

  1. The landlord filed a lawsuit to dispossess the tenant for non-payment of rent.
  2. The court granted the property owner the right to dispossess the tenant for violating the terms of their lease.
  3. The bank is attempting to dispossess the homeowner for defaulting on their mortgage.
  4. The landlord used self-help to dispossess the tenant by changing the locks and removing their belongings.
  5. The tenant was dispossessed of their apartment because it was deemed a safety hazard by the city.

Legal Terms Similar to Dispossess

  1. Evict: A legal process of removing someone from their property by court order.
  2. Ejectment: An action to recover possession of real property unlawfully withheld from the rightful owner.
  3. Unlawful Detainer: A legal action to remove a tenant who is in possession of the property unlawfully or has violated the terms of the lease.