Dissolution Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Dissolution, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Dissolution?

n. A term used for divorce which since 1970 has officially been used in California. This modern, gentler sounding term is symbolic of a no-fault, non-confrontational approach to a marriage’s termination.

History and Meaning of Dissolution

Dissolution is a legal term used for divorce. The term is symbolic of a non-confrontational approach to the termination of marriage. This term was officially adopted in California in 1970 during a time when many states were moving towards more progressive, no-fault divorce laws. Dissolution was a more modern and gentler sounding term that replaced the traditional term, divorce.

The term dissolution is used to describe the legal process of ending a marriage. This process includes dividing up marital property, determining child custody arrangements, and establishing support payments. Dissolution can be a difficult and emotional process, and many couples choose to work with a divorce lawyer to help guide them through the process.

Examples of Dissolution

  1. After ten years of marriage, Lisa and Mike decided to file for dissolution.

  2. The judge granted dissolution of the marriage and ordered the couple to split their assets equally.

  3. Jane and Tom opted for mediation to try to work out their custody arrangement as part of their dissolution agreement.

Related Terms to Dissolution

  1. Divorce: The traditional term to describe the legal process of ending a marriage.

  2. Annulment : A legal procedure that cancels a marriage because it was invalid from the beginning.

  3. Separation: A legal agreement between spouses to live apart from one another, but not terminate their marriage.