Docket Definition and Legal Meaning

On this page, you'll find the legal definition and meaning of Docket, written in plain English, along with examples of how it is used.

What is Docket?

1\) n. The court calendar that contains the cases before the court. 2) n. The actions taken during a particular day in court written by the court clerk. 3) v. To make notes on the court’s actions, to write down the name of a case to place on the calendar.

History and Meaning of Docket

The term "docket" has been used in legal settings for centuries to refer to a schedule or calendar of cases that are pending before a court. It has its origins in the Middle Ages, when it was used to refer to a list of documents or items that were to be dealt with by a court or other official body. Since then, the meaning of the term has evolved to encompass the various actions that take place in court, including the writing of notes and the placement of cases on the calendar.

Examples of Docket

  1. The court docket for today includes several high-profile cases.
  2. The clerk is responsible for keeping track of the court's docket.
  3. The judge ordered the case to be placed on the docket for next month.
  4. The defendant's name was not on the docket, so the case was postponed.
  5. The docket for the appellate court was backed up due to a high volume of cases.

Legal Terms Similar to Docket

  1. Calendar - A schedule of court proceedings that includes the dates and times of hearings and trials.
  2. Petition - A written request or application submitted to a court or other authority.
  3. Subpoena - A legal order requiring a person to appear in court or produce evidence.
  4. Summons - A legal document that notifies a person of a lawsuit or other legal action.
  5. Pleadings - The written documents filed in a lawsuit, including the complaint, answer, and other court filings.